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Who is B.T. Elite & Why Should All Healthcare Professionals Know B.T. Elite?

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Greetings. My name is Bianca T. Adams, and I and my team ensure that healthcare providers are paid for the elite healthcare services that they provide to clients. Healthcare professionals know how to treat clients medically; however, 99% of healthcare professionals do not know how to get reimbursement correctly OR solve problems that arise from a denied claim.

Resolving denied claims is our specialty! B.T. Elite has 10 years of experience in correcting denied claims, educating the provider to prevent future denials, and recouping reimbursement. Denial resolution cannot be taught, in my opinion. We have seen many scenarios that have taught us how to think like the insurance payer and play on a level field. Anyone can do this right; however, who has the time to do this while working in the healthcare field? Nobody! That is why you should reach out to the experts: B.T. Elite and get us to do it for you.

Another high-demand service that we offer is credentialing. Many providers do want to be in network with insurance networks because their clients want to use their insurance for service reimbursement. However, healthcare providers do not know how to do so. B.T. Elite provides a roadmap for healthcare professionals to join the networks. We give them the requirements and deliverables ahead of time to make sure all documents are present, enter data for the application, and keep the provider abreast via email on how the application is processing all the way to an executed contract. That is so much easier than trying to tackle credentialing alone. Again, who has time for that?

I could go on and on about how B.T. Elite is an asset to healthcare providers. Don’t believe me. Go check out some of our testimonials from our current clients.


Let’s work!

If you are a healthcare professional or a healthcare practice that can benefit from credentialing, billing, denial management, or training, Please contact to the healthcare revenue experts, B.T. Elite at....

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